The loss of native habitat is the single greatest threat to raptor populations. They should be able to stay fly.
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• 100% Cotton
• Strap-back rear enclosure
• One size fits all
• Embroidered in Massachusetts
HawkWatch International works to protect raptors and our shared environment through scientific research and public education. As a non-advocacy group, HawkWatch tackles the issues one at a time by looking at the latest data to steer conservation plans and promote wise development that balances the needs of both human and wildlife alike.

Birds of prey are apex predators and serve as an "indicator species" to the overall health of our environment. Current raptor conservation projects of the organization include the African Vultures, the Golden Eagle, American Kestrels, Short-eared Owls, and small cavity nesting forest owls.
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Jonathan Wilkerson
HawkWatch International
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